The alternator pulley allows the V-shape or serpentine belt to spin the alternator and is driven by the engine's accessory drive system. Commonly made from stamped steel or cast aluminum, alternator pulleys are available in two types. One type is grooved for use with a V-type fan belt. The other is designed with multiple grooves and used with a serpentine-style drive belt such as the single-drive belt found in the latest models of vehicles.

The alternator pulley is sized to avoid overdriving the alternator when the vehicle is operating at high speed. When the engine remains idle, it remains at enough speed to produce sufficient power for maintaining the battery's charge.

Queen Jen's overrunning alternator pulleys are made of stamped steel or aluminum. Our alternator pulleys have the following advantages:

  • Improve the robustness of the accessory drive, leading to more efficient running and reduction of fuel consumption.
  • The internal spring helps dampen the vibration from the base engine.
  • The overrunning feature prevents squishing due to the engine’s quick deceleration and the consequent belt slipping at the alternative pulley.
  • The alternator pulley functions as a cooling fan for the alternator and prevents overheating the interior wire, bearings, and brushes.

Since an alternator pulley will age and wear after a certain mileage of use, it is crucial to check and replace the pulley regularly. Besides, a defective or unfitting alternator pulley can damage the belt system. Therefore, to have a functional and professionally installed alternate pulley is vital to ensure the correct operation of the alternator and the engine.

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