Quality Automotive Transmission System Parts -
Queen Jen’s Promise to customers

Queen Jenn's quality management of the automotive transmission system parts covers inspection and quality control of incoming materials, quality control of production processes, quality control of workpieces, and quality control of finished products.

All products produced by Queen Jen must pass two quality control checks and a durability test before they leave the factory. Inspection instruments include a larger idler tester and a profile measuring instrument and small manual measuring devices. Queen Jen is the only transmission system parts manufacturer in Taiwan that conducts idler testing.

Quality Control Quality Control Items
Incoming Materials Dimension, Electroplating color, Damage
Workpieces in Production Process Inner and outer diameters, Height tolerance
Finished Products Dimension, Outer inspection, Circularity, Durability
Idler tester
Testing items: Pressure, noise and temperature
Profile measuring instrument
Testing items: Dimension, Outer Inspection, Circularity