A timing belt system is located in the internal combustion engine. Its function is to synchronize the rotation of the crankshaft and the camshaft. It is also a critical system for preventing the piston from striking the valves.

A timing belt kit includes three components: a timing belt, a tensioner bearing, and idler pulleys. Sometimes a water pump might also be included. These components are subject to aging and wear-out and need to be replaced after reaching the manufacturer's recommended lifespan. A faulty timing belt could have breaches, side wear, belt teeth notches, or cracks on the belt's backside. These issues could influence engine operation and even driving safety. Therefore, regular checks for the timing belt system and replacement are necessary.

When replacing the timing belt kit is necessary, a better option is to change all components altogether so that all parts have a similar lifespan. This work is vital for maintaining the engine's efficient operation and keeping a safe engine running. It also saves maintenance time. The replacement timing of a timing belt kit has to follow the car manufacturer's recommendation.

Queen Jen produces high-quality OEM & ODM aftermarket timing belt kits. All parts in our timing belt kits go through a stringent quality control process and meet major automobile brands' quality requirements. They are reliable and durable and ensure the engine's smooth operation. Queen Jen uses a high-quality timing belt, tensioners, and idler pulleys in the timing belt kit, and these components match each other perfectly.

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