Product Development, Side by Side with The Customer

Queen Jen's R&D team works closely with the customer throughout the entire product development process, starting from the moment we receive the customer's inquiry till the delivery of finished products. Our fully customer-oriented approach in developing timing belt tensioner bearings and idler pulleys ensures that the design and quality meet customer requirements. The R&D team also monitors the production process to ensure compliance with ISO standards and efficiency requirements.
Queen Jen follows a standardized R&D process. We maintain close contact with the customer, from detailing product specifications to readying the machines for mass production.
After entering the mass production stage, the R & D team monitors the production process and the workpieces' quality. Therefore, the lifespan and efficiency of the timing belt bearings, air-conditioning idlers, and other parts for the automotive transmission system from Queen Jen stay on a par with the original parts.  Check Queen Jen's quality control

Queen Jen R&D process