Queen Jen manufactures belt-driven engine and auxiliary drive parts for the automobile aftermarket. Our products include timing belt tensioner bearings, idler pulleys, hydraulic tensioners, overrunning alternator pulleys, clutch bearings, wheel hub bearings, timing belt kits and timing chain kits.

Our parts for the automobile aftermarket are designed to handle the engine loads better and resist the engine's temperature variations. They help promote a longer engine lifetime and smooth operation. We also manufacture bearings and pulleys for AC compressors, power steering pumps, and various vehicle models' water pumps.

We design and manufacture customized bearings and pulleys by working closely with our customers. We care about product quality from the very beginning of product design and production. All Queen Jen's parts are made of the best raw materials from Japan and Germany and go through a stringent quality control process certified by ISO-9001: 2015. Therefore, you can trust the engine performance and efficiency brought by Queen Jen's bearings and pulleys.

Timing Belt Tensioner Bearing
Idler Pulley
Hydraulic Tensioner
Alternator Pulley
Timing Belt Kit